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You're Invited to a Social Media Dinner

You’re Invited to a Social Media Dinner
September 10, 2015 Ronin Marketing

The idea of jumping head-first into social media can be a tad daunting; with so many options, how do you approach it?

I like to use a really simple analogy which is easily applied to pretty much any social media situation. Social networks are just like a dinner party. You’ve been invited in, so put on your best ‘clothes’ and be a great dinner guest. The problem is, you’re often confronted by the following people…

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The Social Network Guest List

The Braggart

‘Aren’t I great, my kids go to this school, I have a very important job, blah blah blah…’ No one wants to sit near this guy, the repeatedly pushy, one-sided and self indulgent conversation wears thin quite quicky. Take Away: Don’t sell, sell, sell. Social media isn’t the place. Don’t make all of your posts about how great you are.

The Nothing to Say

The guest who sits in the corner and doesn’t interact with anyone unknown. They aren’t an annoying guest, but they don’t bring anything of value. Take Away: Take a deep breath and start talking to people. That initial step can be the hardest but once you get going, the process becomes easier and you meet some great new people.

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Mr/Ms. Popular

They have so many interesting things to say, they listen and make you feel valued and important. They are entertaining, funny and informative and can converse around a range of topics – everyone wants to sit near these guys. Take Away: engage with people, don’t just talk AT them, value the real relationships you are building and be genuine.

Finally, be generous and real. If you expect people to share, like and retweet your content, then do the same for others. Think about what sort of social media dinner guest you’d like to be seen as and be aware that all of your posts contribute to this.

Social networks can be a great tool to build your business by building relationships with existing, future and potential customers.