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Push Through The Storms

Your Business Only Grows If You Push Through The Storms!
February 10, 2021 Kurt

Winners see opportunity in adversity.

I love storms. I reckon it’s a Queenslander thing. However, people can be freaked out about getting caught in one. Fair enough.

But the thing is, storms, or heavy rain, can be a great thing. Even in business. Actually, correct that – ESPECIALLY in business!

Any decent business thinker from Warren Buffet to Sun Tzu says when there’s negative sentiment, opportunity is knocking. Some of your competitors are taking pause, and now’s the time to take more ground (IE customers) while they hesitate. Because, after all, it’s not like you’re going to give up moving towards your destination, are you?

Harvard Business Review laid it out pretty clearly, and we brought it up here.

Basically, if you push through, you reach your destination faster, but in the business context, if you push on with marketing during that time, you will not only still increase your sales (and return your investment); but if you’ve done that marketing right, you will come out of it with more market share.

Kurt Schubert is the Director of Ronin, and when there’s not marketing work to do, attempts to climb mountains that are too tall for him.