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Why You Need to Make Your eCommerce Site Mobile-Friendly

Why You Need to Make Your eCommerce Site Mobile-Friendly
November 6, 2018 John

More and more customers are using their mobile phones to complete online transactions, and they are increasingly expecting businesses to have well-designed, user-friendly mobile website.

This all means that if your eCommerce site isn’t mobile-friendly, then you are going to lose customers. The lack of a well-designed, responsive mobile-friendly website can be fatal for your business.

Why You Need to Make Your eCommerce Site Mobile-Friendly Eco Building Services Website

You can lose your customers in the blink of an eye

Customers make snap judgements about your site, and will instantly turn away if your site is mobile-unfriendly. A study published in the journal Behaviour and Information Technology found that it only takes 0.05 seconds for a user to form an opinion about your website. Customers, in the blink of an eye, make up their mind on what they like and dislike about your website, and whether or not they will stay on your site. This is bad news if your site is not mobile-friendly, as over two-thirds of customers now expect a company’s website to be as good or better when viewed on a mobile device compared to desktop.

You are missing out on half your potential customers

One of the strongest points from the recent Criteo Q2 Global Commerce Review is that mobile shopping continues to rise and rise. In some Asian-Pacific countries, like Japan, over half of online transactions are completed on a mobile phone. And with Deloitte finding that over 88% of Australians use a smartphone every day, that is a huge customer pool completing mobile transactions.

If your eCommerce site isn’t mobile friendly, then you might be missing out on thousands of customers. If they are using their mobile phones and find your website to be unfriendly, then they will turn to your competitors who do have a mobile-friendly site.

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Why You Need to Make Your eCommerce Site Mobile-Friendly APERS Website

Once you lose them, chances are they won’t come back

While you may think that customers will give your website a second chance in the future, statistics show otherwise. A study by Gomez Inc, now part of APM software company Dynatrace, found that nearly 90% of customers won’t return to a mobile site if they have a bad experience on that site, and nearly half felt less positive about that company after such an experience. This means that one visit to your mobile-unfriendly site can mean a potential customer will not only never return to your site, but they will also think badly of your business. All this will lead them straight into the arms of your competitors.

How do I make my eCommerce site mobile-friendly?

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to create a mobile-friendly site. If you are not a professional mobile web designer then it will take a lot of trial-and-error and countless hours to design, develop, test and optimise your website. You have to make the site responsive, change your font sizes, redesign the page layout, and hundreds of other time-consuming tasks.

For most business owners and managers, this is not time and effort they can afford to spend. However, you also cannot afford to miss out and potentially lose mobile-user customers.

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That is why it may be worth hiring a team of professional digital creatives to make your website mobile-friendly. At Ronin Marketing, we have a dedicated team of web designers, graphic designers and copywriters who will work together with you to find the website design solutions to make your eCommerce site mobile-friendly.

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