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Why taking a holiday is good for your business

Why taking a holiday is good for your business
December 4, 2018 John

Is the fact you aren’t taking a holiday this summer causing your business to grow stale? If so, you’re not alone!

For many business directors and CEOs, taking a break from their business seems impossible. How can your business possibly get by without your constant input? Well, a lack of ‘you’ might be exactly what your business needs.

If you are always in the thick of it with the day-to-day running of your business, you may be preventing your business from reaching its potential. As you get caught up in the everyday running on your business, your big goals start slipping further and further away, and soon enough your business – and yourself – will end up worn out and flat.

That’s why it’s always important for you to take a break and reconnect with what matters. For this blog, I sat down with Kurt Schubert, founder and director of Brisbane digital marketing agency Ronin Marketing, to discuss how taking a break helps him reconnect with his business and his goals.

Stuck in a business rut

According to Kurt, one of the main issues that arise for business directors is that the day-to-day running of their business causes them to get stuck in a rut.

“When you’ve got a busy business and a lot of stuff going on, it’s very easy to lose sight of the bigger picture,” Kurt said.

“All of the ideas that you have, they really add value to your business. But when you end up focusing on the little stuff and putting out fires, battling from one scenario to another, then you can’t even think about those ideas, let alone follow through with them,” he said.

By just hammering through each day, business directors become unable to see past their immediate challenges and can get caught up in daily tasks. Being on the back foot is not only bad news for you but could also mean your business might become tired and caught unaware by the future.

Take time to recharge and reconnect

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That’s why Kurt is a big believer in directors and CEOs taking some time to get away from their business and to recharge. By allowing himself to detach from the business, whether for a few hours or for a few days, Kurt has been able to reconnect with the bigger picture for Ronin.

“Sometimes it can take a matter of hours to rewind and detach; other times, if you’re overly… let’s say committed… it may take a couple of days lying on a beach to actually stop thinking about work,” Kurt said.

“For me, weirdly enough, what happens then is that after the stressful thoughts about work disappear, it’s like my brain is relaxed enough to bring forward new constructive ideas about the business,” he said.

By relaxing, Kurt can break away from working reactively, and actually reconnect with his creative side that focuses on bigger goals and long-term plans. This allows him to look past Ronin’s immediate challenges, and start planning how he can improve his business.

How to take a break from your business

If you think you need to go to some sort of vegans-only yoga retreat or 1000km thru-hike to relax, then you’ll be glad to know that the best way to detach from your business is to do short, regular breaks.

“Do what you love doing, but also do something different and simple, something physical and also preferably away from other people,” Kurt said.

For Kurt, these activities can be as much as a daily trip to the gym. He also believes that outdoor activities which use both your body and mind, like bushwalking and rock climbing, will help keep your focus in check. And if you need something more substantial to relax, then Kurt recommends a backcountry camping trip where you can get back to a simpler state of mind and away from the hassles of modern life.

“Be sure to actually disconnect, in terms of being uncontactable and not checking your emails. Not taking your phone and going out of mobile range is very helpful, and leave the business in the hands of someone that you know can trust to handle things while you’re away,” he said.

“Putting your phone away and focusing on something that’s not your business, even if just for a few hours, gives you space for new ideas and insights to surface, allowing you and your business to improve and grow.”

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