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What a marketing agency does that a marketing manager can’t

What a marketing agency does that a marketing manager can’t
October 11, 2018 John

For any business looking to increase sales or reach potential customers, digital marketing is essential. However, if you are looking to expand your digital reach, you may be asking if you should be employing an in-house marketing manager or hire a marketing agency. While both have their benefits, hiring a marketing agency has clear advantages which a marketing manager will lack. Read on to find out what a marketing agency does that a marketing manager can’t.

All the skills in one place

No marketing manager is going to have as many skills as a well-organised team of digital creatives. And with the increasing complexity of marketing, the list of skills needed to run a successful digital marketing campaign becomes even longer. SEO, analytics, website design, copywriting, motion graphics, account managing, photography. All these are essential to digital marketing. That’s a hefty load for one marketing manager to carry.

A marketing agency has all the necessary skills and talents in one place, bringing together talented and experienced website developers, copywriters, graphic designers, videographers, account managers, and more.

By bringing together a close-knit team like this, a marketing agency contains all the skills and expertise required to run a successful digital marketing campaign, increasing your sales and saving you costs on outsourcing.

Ability to scale up or down

You’ve hired a marketing manager, but you recognise you need even more marketing done. Now you have to go through the whole hiring and induction process again. Or you realise you don’t need to place such an emphasis on marketing, and now you have to make painful redundancies. This is not how you’ve wanted to spend your time.

Marketing agencies are flexible. You can scale up or down how much time you need at the end of each contract period, so usually every six or 12 months. This means you can work within your budget and requirements, giving you greater flexibility and control than if you hired a marketing manager. Instead of the pains of hiring and firing, you are getting digital marketing that delivers results.

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They can think like customers

A common problem in digital marketing is that businesses often talk and think about products in their own jargon, rather than the language that their customers would use. Customers don’t care about jargon and tech-talk. They want products that solve their problems. When you employ a marketing manager, and they are working in your office 48 hours a week, they can very quickly forget what it’s like to be a customer. Soon enough your marketing has become stale again.

A marketing agency brings an outsider’s perspective. They have the advantage of not knowing your products in the same way you do. This allows a marketing agency to see through the jargon, creating customer-focused messaging guidelines and campaigns that look at your products the way they do.

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Hit the ground running

When you employ a marketing manager, it often takes months of mentoring, training, and reviewing before they become a useful part of your business. This means your sales may go down, you aren’t reaching potential customers, or an up-start competitor steals the lead.

With a marketing agency, you’ll get digital creatives that hit the ground running. Hiring a digital marketing agency means you won’t face any potential downtime or lag in sales. Whether you need a new website, increased search engine presence, or want to set up some eye-catching ads, a marketing agency can start nearly immediately.

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