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Why website design is marketing

Why Website Design IS marketing
November 12, 2017 Ronin Marketing

When talking to business owners, we often feel they treat websites as just ‘one of those things you need’, rather than part of the overall marketing strategy.

Yet at Ronin, we think this is an essential marketing tool that is underrated by many business owners.

Let me explain…

This is the typical behaviour of someone who thinks about website in the wrong way:

They’ve decided their website is outdated, so they shop around for a web design company to build their website. They shop primarily on price, and may even consider outsourcing the job to cheap overseas labour. All too often, they approach us saying, ‘We’ve just had a website built, now we’re ready to start marketing’.

Because they’ve chosen a website development company, and not a marketing company that take their entire goals, objectives, and strategy into consideration, they’ve also typically:

  • Chosen colours and looks based on opinions, rather than data or experience.
  • Are emotional, rather than objective, in choosing the overall design.
  • Fill the copy with all the things ‘we’ do, but not what their customer want.

A marketing company who also designs websites ensures that these problems will not be issues. This is because we take your marketing into consideration before we even start the website build.

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So, to start thinking strategically about your website, let’s look at what you want it to achieve.

Whether they’re googling your phone number, checking your services, or trying to understand your product you’re main aim with a website is to make your customers happy and provide them with what they are looking for. Of course in a strategic sense this needs to be mixed with business objectives. But how can you achieve both on a website?

What do customers want from your website?

  • Often customers are searching for information about your product, company, or experience.
  • A website that looks trustworthy and authoritative that they feel confident to purchase from.
  • They may want to know your story, and your website is the perfect place to do that because you control the message entirely.
  • They want to see fresh content, to know your business is thriving and successful.

What do you want from your website design?

  • Be at the top of Google! But, of course, let’s be realistic here – the top companies have worked hard for years to be there, it’ll be more than pretty website to earn that seat yourself.
  • Attract the right prospects for your product. Ranking for the wrong topics, and not making your product and message clear when they arrive, means attracting low-value prospects.
  • Convert visitors to leads. Once they get there, can you offer them what they want, or introduce them to lead-converting sales funnel if they’re not buying now?

Meeting these two requirements – matching customers needs with business objectives – is a marketing activity. If you’ve been diligent and have a long history of analytics and data, you may be prepared to build a highly-optimised website. But if not, by continual data gathering and learning, you’ll be able to make ongoing improvements until your website that converts (again, another marketing activity).


An example of a forward-thinking car carrying company that trusted a marketing company to build their website.

Door to Door Car Carrying approached us so they could attract more customers. Open to our suggestions, the website was the first thing that needed to be changed.

From This:



To This:


We completely rebuilt their website, refined their logo, their message, and put a contact form front and centre. We also added vibrant imagery that showcased the many years of happy clients they’ve served.

The results blew them away!

Organic leads are up 500%, and continue to climb! Let me say that again – leads, not traffic, are up 500%.

Now, to many, this may seem like an obvious result, but take note – there are so many of these websites still around.


Who’s doing it poorly? Pubs and restaurants

Regularly, when searching for a menu of a restaurant, I find the website doesn’t look good on your phone (now the major device browsing device in Australia), the menu is a tiny pdf, and there are generally no pictures of the decor or the restaurant.

In the modern, mobile internet era, this is simply not acceptable. A mobile-first designed website for a restaurant, cafe and bar should be a Number #1 marketing requirement. In short, restaurants really need to pick up their game.

Who’s doing it well? Fast-food

pizza hut


By contrast to restaurants, fast food websites have their hero products, menus, and store locations nailed across all devices. And while these companies have much larger budgets to work with than most businesses, a lot can be learnt from the user experience and design from these companies that understand the value of strategic website design.

Go and check out both Dominos and Pizza Huts websites. They are fast, mobile responsive, easy to navigate, and usually have their hero product front and centre on the home page.

So what can we learn from these examples?
Taking a marketing approach to building your next website includes a lot more considerations than simply coding a new website. Contact Ronin today to discuss how we can help you tell your story and convert more traffic!