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Tiarna Adams

Tiarna Adams


Hey! I’m Tiarna but the team at Ronin affectionately refer to me as Ti.

I’m a copywriter who loves all things writing and content related. My passion in life is finding stories and telling them in a way that everyone can identify with, which is why I completed my bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Creative Writing.

I grew up in Ireland but have spent the last 6 years travelling the world and living in England, the USA and now Australia. I’ve had a love of writing for as long as I can remember but my adventures while travelling have made my thirst for storytelling stronger than ever.

At Ronin, it’s my job to tell your brand story and get the personality of your team and business out there in the form of blogs, articles and all kinds of written content. I love strategising and coming up with the best and most creative way to represent a brand with words. I truly believe that the key to success is creating an identity for your business that people can relate to and connect with.

When I’m not working and writing you’ll find me reading a book (likely by John Grisham), binging a docuseries on Netflix, going to gigs or spending the weekend at the beach (being Irish, the Queensland beaches and sunshine are still major novelties for me).

Lastly, here’s one of my favourite quotes: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”- it’s by Dr Seuss whom I tend to learn a lot of my life lessons from.