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Nicole Modolo

Nicole Modolo

Office Manager


I’m Nicci; first and foremost, I love helping businesses sell their brand, but I hate selling myself, so let’s make this quick!

I’m a bit of a chameleon having held a number of diverse roles within high-end hospitality to mining, SaaS, and fitness, working in agile, cross-functional teams have made me a pretty adaptable human. Partnered with my ability to use positive communication and trust to build long-standing business relationships, these skills have allowed me to meet a hugely varied network of people, which I’m super grateful for!

Connecting people with brands through strategic decision-making and effective communication is something that sparks a whole lot of joy for me. As someone who has consistently been required to adapt to fast-paced environments, I understand the necessity for businesses to grow and evolve as their audiences do the same.

As a lover of learning, I’m always looking for ways to expand my knowledge on all things sales and marketing in order to help clients reach their full potential. I also believe strong coffee, dogs, an epic playlist (which heavily features Ben Folds), and GIF’s are a big part of what makes the world go round.