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Jessica Dorey

Jessica Dorey

Marketing Manager / PR & Copywriting

Hi there, I’ll be looking after your content and social media.

With a dual degree in Journalism and Business, Majoring in Marketing, I have the knowledge and experience to make your content shine. My unique set of skills were refined at The University of Queensland and allow me to target content directly towards the people you want to speak to.

Before accepting a position at Ronin, I worked with the digital team at BMag. Whilst there I perfected my style of writing and gained invaluable experience in digital media. I have also interned at The Courier-Mail and a range of my articles have been published on sites including Brisbane Times and BMag. Along with this, I have also spent years working within the hospitality and retail industries. This means I have hands-on knowledge of what customers are looking for and can weave these insights into your content.

Fortunately, my addictions of writing and social media are sought after skills in the business industry and my role as Digital Marketing Assistant allows me to feed these addictions.

If you’re still wondering why I do what I do, I’ll leave you with some words from Sir Richard Branson…

“The beauty of the web is that there is plenty of room for everyone. Does anybody else want to join the party?”