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Emma Edbrooke

Emma Edbrooke

Marketing Manager

G’Day! I’m Emma, one of the Account Managers at Ronin.

I’ve been with the Ronin team since August 2019. Before that, I worked in marketing for the cybersecurity industry in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. During the time I lived there, these roles allowed me to also work in France and the United States. I am an advocate for strategic content creation and building rapport between brands and consumers! I love nothing more than helping a brand interact with their market on a level that will engage them and build a genuine relationship.

I’ve lived in Brisbane for just over two years and was born and raised in Sydney. Naturally, I’m a die-hard NSW Blues fan, which doesn’t go down very well living here! I graduated from the University of Technology Sydney with a Bachelor of Communications and a Diploma in Public Relations in 2014.

I have travelled extensively throughout 29 countries and have a goal to reach 30 countries by the time I turn 30 (that gives me two years from the time I’m writing this!). When I’m not at work or travelling I love spending time in the bush with my dog, Max. I also enjoy boxing and horse riding; I grew up as a competitive dressage rider and my goal is still to one day make the Olympics!