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David Chapman

David Chapman

Marketing Manager / Strategy


Born David Alexander I chose not to start my own pyjama’s label and become an account manager for Ronin.  The most important aspect of my role is ensuring our clients are super satisfied when it comes to their monthly marketing plans and know exactly what is happening and why.  The most enjoyable part of the role is getting to know each different brand and delivering unique solutions for each that ultimately drive the best results.

I have enjoyed an interesting path that led to my role with Ronin, which has helped develop a well rounded marketing mind.  Initially I had a career as a breakfast radio host before I left overseas for several years where I learnt the fine art of sales.  After a very successful few years in Sales I returned home with the knowledge that I wanted to pursue Marketing as a career.  I finished my university degree and began consulting with small businesses, achieving fantastic growth in revenue.  I spent a year as a Marketing Executive in the hotel industry which helped me realise I wanted to continue the excitement of working with multiple clients.  This experience has helped me to really understand customers and how to send those right messages to them.

Outside of the marketing world you shall find me with a beer in one hand, a form of sport or competitive activity (which I will win) in the other, eating anything that is deemed an ‘experience’ OR you won’t find me at all as I have taken off on an epic weekend getaway with friends up beach, in the hinterland or a secret location.

I live by the words of E.E Cummings: “To be nobody but yourself”