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Cammy Joseph

Cammy Joseph

Marketing Manager


I’m Cammy – a digital marketing and strategy-loving Marketing Manager at Ronin.

After spending nearly a decade working in marketing for multimillion dollar conglomerates in Asia, Middle-East and Australia, I truly understand what drives conversions, engagement and awareness.

Spoiler alert! It’s not adapting the marketing flavour of the week. It all comes down to how well you connect with your core audience and communicate your understanding back to them. And this is what I love doing! I enjoy creating compelling strategies based on stories and human-driven content.

From marketing Michelin star restaurants, 5-star resorts, SaaS products, Universities to Rural Agribusinesses, I have done it all. (Have I told you about the time I used to interview Rugby players for a rookie sports channel?). Owing to this diverse experience, I’m always learning and I’m invigorated by the never-ending search for the perfect digital medium.

When I’m not listening to what Gary Vaynerchuck has to say, I’m either having a passionate conversation on the latest pop culture news or dissecting rap bars. There’s no in-between.

My current favourite quote: “Happiness is not something you achieve; you can still feel happy during the process of achieving something.”