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Amber Schubert

Amber Schubert

General Manager


I have a passion for taking grand big picture ideas and figuring out the perfect system to make it happen.  I love working on the ‘what if we could…’ ideas both within Ronin and for clients.  That little thrill of excitement when I discover a way of automating a process to make life easier.

As the General Manager at Ronin I have the great advantage of being able to work with and manage our amazing team, and develop strong business systems, while also still being able to get stuck into client strategies and website projects every now and then.

As a marketing consultant for the previous five years and before that Head of Curriculum with Education Queensland, I have extensive experience working with businesses in industries ranging from those in the Mining and Resources sector, B2B services, construction, retail, and e-commerce businesses, along with working with key stakeholders to develop curriculum frameworks and education systems.

When I’m not stuck with my head in my MacBook, you’ll find me enjoying great coffee with an awesome book or adventuring with my little ones.