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Aleksa Drozdova

Aleksa Drozdova

Graphic Designer / Web Designer

Hi, I am Aleksa and I am that person who communicates your vision into reality.

Design and Art – That’s what inspires me every day! I was born into a family of artists and my whole life has been influenced by this. Graphic and Digital Design is not only my work but also my hobby in which I always like to find new ideas, learn new programs from other industries such as 3d graphics, motion design, virtual reality design.

As a Designer at Ronin, I am part of a great professional team and together we help our clients grow and flourish. My job and passion are to create digital designs such as a web, logos, brand assets, marketing collaterals or graphics for your website.

I believe that design is not just about how something looks, but how it helps business, how it optimizes your marketing efforts across all channels, and how it gives the best experience for people who interact with it.