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Social Media Marketing For Brisbane Businesses: Hints, Tips & Winning Strategies

Social Media Marketing For Brisbane Businesses: Hints, Tips & Winning Strategies
February 25, 2018 Carly

Social media marketing is a cheap, efficient and effective way to connect with people that didn’t even know they needed you. But how? If you are a social media novice, do not fear, we are going to give you our top hints, tips and winning strategies for social media marketing success.

#1 – Educate yourself

Congratulations! You are clearly interested in learning more about social media marketing, otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked on this link. It is incredible how many people do not even know the fundamentals of social media marketing. If you are running a business in the 21st century, being able to understand and work social platforms is simply non-negotiable.

The best part? Social media is a constantly shifting landscape so the learning is endless.

#2 – Engage

Social media is just that… social, so make sure you get your fingers typing and engaging with people. You wouldn’t expect to make or keep friends in the real world without talking, connecting and engaging, the same goes for the social media world.

Actually, we would go so far to say that engagement is THE tip we have for a winning social media presence.

NOTE: Facebook recently changed their News Feed algorithm as of January 2018. This means that engagement is more important for businesses than ever to ensure that they continue to organically show up in people’s’ feeds. You can read more here.

#3 – Step away from social media and talk to your customers!

The best way to find out what people want to see and engage with is to ask them! Now, of course, you could put out an open question or poll into the online world and see what response you get, BUT you are guaranteed to get more quality and informative responses from your existing customers! What do they want to see on your social platforms? What kind of content can you create to provide value?

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#4 – Create content of VALUE

While we are discussing value it is worth reminding you of that old idiom, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Well, we have decided to rework that to,

“If you don’t have anything OF VALUE to say, don’t say anything at all.”

The world wide web and social media are bursting at the seams with fluff-pieces of content. If what you are posting doesn’t add value to your brand or benefit your target market in some way, DO NOT POST IT. Simple.

#5 – Dedicate your time to the platforms that matter

Social media can be a wormhole where time just disappears. That is why we recommend only dedicating your most valuable resource, your time, to platforms that serve you best. Just because every business seems to be using Twitter but your target audience is most active and engaged on Instagram, why would you waste your time on Twitter? Refine your social presence to a maximum of three platforms and direct all your energy, focus and resources there.

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#6 – Don’t wait for your followers to come to you!

The world of Instagram is a large and saturated platform with the latest figures showing that there are over 800 million active users. That means that your target audience has to find you through a sea of 800 million other accounts. That is no easy feat. Help your users out by going out and finding them. This is made especially easy thanks to features like hashtags and geotags.

Does your target audience enjoy kicking back with friends on a Sunday afternoon?

Explore #TheCharmingSquire #BrisbaneEats

Does your target audience embrace the health and fitness industry?

You may find them at #BridgeToBrisbane #BrisFit or even just geo tagging themselves at Kangaroo Point or a gym.

Does your target audience own a business?

Instagram is exploding with accounts dedicated to supporting small, medium and large businesses across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. There are constantly events being held and hashtags being created but these are a good starting point… #BrisbaneBusiness #BrisbaneSmallBusiness #SupportLocal and you can see what is happening at the Brisbane Convention Centre’s geotag.

Does your target audience have children?

You have hit the lottery. Do you know how many kid-specific geotagged locations and hashtags exist? The world of Instagram is your oyster.

Added bonus, Instagram recently launched the ability for users to follow hashtags so you really have no excuse not to get on board.

#7 – When in doubt, hand it over to the professionals.

If you are feeling out of your depth with social media the winning strategy for you is to hand it over to the professionals. At Ronin, we have a team of specialists dedicated to social media marketing for Brisbane businesses. Contact us today to learn more or explore our social media services page.