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Simon Sinek: The Golden Circle

Simon Sinek: The Golden Circle
November 27, 2017 Clare

Start with the why. This is Simon Sinek’s not-so-secret, secret to success.

Sinek believes this is what sets inspiring pioneers aside from the rest. It’s what makes companies like Apple tower over other tech brands. Your ‘why’ is what makes the sale. So what difference does starting with the why make, and how can you implement it in your company?

Understanding the Golden Circle

When it comes to building a brand, most people start in the outer circle, at the ‘what’ and work their way in. Almost all executives can explain what they do and how they go about doing it. But very few can explain why they do what they do, let alone the rest of their staff members.

Nearly all companies stop at the how and then expect their audience to be convinced enough to buy their services or products. But what if you reversed the process and started from the inside and worked your way out? What if you talked about the why first? How would this affect your sales and your reach?

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Here are two key marketing takeaways from Simon Sinek’s talk that will help you improve your bottom line:

1. People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.

In an age of conscious consumers, career-transient millennials and the internet bursting full of things, standing out from the crowd is essential. With so much information, and so many products at your customer’s fingertips, the what and the how just aren’t enough anymore. Everyone can find out what and how by clicking on a few links.

For example, a quick Google search of lipstick will show you how it’s made and what it will make you look like. There are only so many ‘signature shades’ that can be made by thousands of different brands. The audience has so much choice that they’re no longer making purchasing decisions based on the product alone; they’re buying into what the brand stands for.

As Sinek says, “The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe”.

2. Your why can mean the difference between one-time purchasers, and long-time raving fans.

Something we see all the time are businesses with extrinsic marketing goals instead of intrinsic ones (i.e. their ‘why’). Many business owners limit their goals to achieving financial or activity-based targets. While this is all well and good, and indeed may be necessary for your survival in the short term, extrinsic goals are not related to a motivating purpose that will attract customers and inspire your staff.

  • Employees working towards financial or activity-based targets will perform at high levels, but greater things are possible when their work is done in service of a cause they believe in.
  • Customers will buy products if they fit within their price range and your store is conveniently located, but greater results are possible if you delight your customers with a message that aligns with their beliefs. In other words, sell the problem you solve, not the product. This is how you create brand loyalty.

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