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SEO: What should you write about?

SEO: What should you write about
November 6, 2018 James

There’s lots of reason to create content online. But if you’re looking to use search engine ranking to sell your products, you better be thinking about SEO.

Here are two broad ways to think about the content we’ve found to work very well.

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Intent-based content

Google is the ultimate intent-based marketplace.

If people want something, they can find it on Google. They can find your business, reviews of your products, what it’s made of, how many litres it holds. If you know exactly what they want to know, you hold the key to wild amounts of traffic.

SEO: What should you write about? | Tips From The Team | Ronin Marketing

You know your products.

If someone called up right now, you’d be able to tell them all about it. And you’d gladly do it for free to get the sale or build a relationship. Creating content online is no different. But it works for you 24/7 and is always right there when customers need it the most.

Start thinking about what questions people ask you all the time.

What aftercare tips do you give when they walk out the door. What are the frustrations they have in the days or weeks before they replace their current ‘thing’ or before they buy your product? Why are they buying your product?

Within each of these statements is an article. Probably many articles. Grab a pen, jot them down, and if you need help to plan and write them at scale, recruit a marketing agency.

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Interest-based content

Do you ever look things up just for fun? Or just to shop? You are not alone, most people do.

Maybe your customers aren’t aware you or your product exist.

They might not yet realise that 4×4 ute canopies could be customised for your trade. But you love to take your work ute down to Bribie every chance you get, so writing about 4WD tracks within an hours drive from Brisbane could be a winner.

SEO: What should you write about? | Tips From The Team | Ronin Marketing

It’s amazing what you can find online and repurpose to your advantage.

And if you know your customers and carefully measure and track everything, you’ll be on a winning content and SEO strategy in no time.

Get started by thinking about who your customer is, and what are they interested in.

If you sell gym memberships, you might write about local health food shops. If you sell personal diaries, you might write about the latest pens and trending calligraphy. Essentially, what related products would your customers be searching about online, and right about that.

Hopefully, this gives you a squillion ideas to get you started.

Happy writing,

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