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Need-to-Know Facts About Pay Per Click Advertising

Need-to-Know Facts About Pay Per Click Advertising
June 16, 2016 Ronin

Whether you’re spending on Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, re-marketing, or considering them, any decisions should be considered as part of a broader set of strategies.

Before we recommend any one type of advertising to a client, we always assess what role it’s playing in the bigger picture, and whether there is a better way to achieve a more effective result.

We then constantly monitor, measure and tweak any campaigns and the role that they are playing in your marketing. After all, if we’ve also helped you achieve an organic Google ranking for certain search terms, it’s a waste of money to be continuing to pay for Adwords clicks to those same keywords.

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 Why pay per click should be approached as a stopgap

Did you know that people only click on paid links in a Google search 6% of the time? That’s right! 94% of the time people will click on the organic results that have come about via good content marketing.

So in addition to Pay Per Click advertising costing you money every time someone clicks on your link, it only represents a 20th of the amount of traffic you should be aiming for.
For this reason, we see the role of services such as Adwords as something you use temporarily while your content marketing takes stronger and stronger effect to the point that you only need to pay for clicks very sparingly, if at all.

In the meantime though, our job is to ensure our clients wring the best value out of every click!

Many “Pay Per Click” (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) agencies have a vested interest in selling you advertising because it’s the basis of their business. At worst, they are based on commissions – the more you pay for clicks the more they earn (so they do little tricks like getting you to bid on your own name). And at best, you’re still limited by the 20:1 ratio of traffic.

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 How Ronin does it

Ronin isn’t in the business of selling you on PPC / SEM, so you benefit from the complete transparency that comes with that.

For starters, you have your own Google Adwords account and thus pay zero agency commission. You pay Google directly for any clicks, rather than paying a set amount to an agency and hoping it is spent appropriately.

We also don’t have a set monthly campaign management fee that many providers charge whether they look at your account or not. You only pay for the time we spend working on your campaigns.

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