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Maximise the Potential of Pay Per Click

Maximise the Potential of Pay Per Click
June 16, 2016 Ronin

If you’ve read our post on Need-to-Know About Pay Per Click you’ll know the basics of what we’re talking about so here’s a little bit about how we do thing differently…

We’ll give you the real stats

With Ronin, you have full access to the real data from each relevant platform. After all, shouldn’t you know exactly the result of what you’re paying for? Monthly reports aren’t a filtered and rebranded “sunshine and rainbows” affair that hide where your campaigns are going right or wrong, and most importantly whether they are worthwhile.

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As anyone in business knows, failures can have value if you can learn from them, and that’s what we do if we find one set of keywords costs too much, or if one approach to your advertising copy isn’t working. It’s market research – it means we can optimise future advertising and in the broader sense, discuss through what’s happening and we work together to make decisions.

We can connect your Adwords account to a Google Analytics account so you can see when, where and how the PPC clicks are coming in. Importantly, we can see what those visitors are doing on your website – do they look around, go to the contact page, or make a purchase? In knowing this, we can make any number of choices about which clicks are more valuable than others, and improving your website for better sales conversion.
Knowing what to look for, monitoring and acting on this information is what makes for a successful digital advertising campaign.

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Flexible and fully integrated

The biggest benefit to Ronin Marketing’s approach is in the integrated nature of our services. Your monthly marketing spend can be targeted and adjusted based on real time results, therefore you aren’t locked into a significant advertising spend whether it is bringing in a return on investment or not.

That’s not to mention the positive impact of backing up well thought out and placed digital ads with solid brand awareness, content marketing, engaging in a meaningful conversations with your customers through social media and strategic re-marketing actions. In the long run, many of our clients who began with paid advertising as the primary focus of their marketing budget are able to heavily reduce their advertising spend as other online actions bring in better quality leads more efficiently.

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