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Risk is Part of the Game

Risk is Part of the Game!
March 10, 2021 Kurt

Lots of things can kill you.

Falling is one of them. So is rockfall. Getting lost & starving. Getting struck by lightning – that’ll definitely mess you up. All that stuff.

But when you’re in the outdoors, you just kind of accept it. It’s like the way you reduce your standards of food handling when you’re camping. “Eh, I wiped my dirty hands clean on my pants – that’ll do.”

But the upshot is that you’ve got to a) know what risks to look out for; b) make a call on what to do, and c) know when to push on based on logic, not emotion.

Making decisions based on fear, not risk, is never a great business model. Besides, like they say, fortune favours the brave! 🙂

Kurt Schubert is the Director of Ronin, and when there’s not marketing work to do, attempts to climb mountains that are too tall for him.