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Get $5,000 to build your business

The grant process is easy, but get in on May 31st!

Qld Government $5,000 Grant
May 23, 2021 Kurt

Finally a grant that’s easy to apply for – you just have to act fast! Commencing May 31st, the Queensland Government is delivering a great little grant to help you with building your business. It’s worth up to $5,000, and only requires a simple submission to get the cash towards services to help you grow.

Check out the details at the Qld Government Business Basics Grant Page.

This means you get up to $5,000 to really push your business forward, as it can be used on:

  • Strategic marketing services
  • Website build or upgrades
  • Professional business advice
  • Business continuity and succession.
  • Training and coaching

How do I apply?

The Govt. website provides a pretty simple overview, along with a helpful Eligibility Tool at the Grant homepage. The upshot being in addition to proving that you are a Qld small business and meeting eligibility criteria, you just need to nominate what you’d like to spend the money on to help you adapt and sustain your operations, and build resilience.

Time is Ticking!

The grant opens for submissions very soon – Monday 31st May, and it’s first-in, best-dressed. It’s HIGHLY LIKELY the funds will be exhausted very quickly, so you must get in fast or risk missing out. You just need to gather your few pieces of paperwork and get a quote for what it is you’d like to claim – be it website, marketing, and so on; register your details, fill out the forms, and you’re good to go.

Ronin Can Help!

As you need an appropriate quote from an established provider to claim the grant, we are happy to both help you work out what will benefit you, and provide you with a quote that you can use in your submission. As noted above, this could be for any number of things in the strategic & digital marketing / SEO / website space. So it’s an ideal opportunity to take your marketing up a notch and reap the benefits.

To arrange this, either use the form below or simply call our office on 07 3358 5062.

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