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Google Mail & Calendar Hacks for Productivity

Google Mail & Calendar Hacks for Productivity
January 4, 2016 Ronin Marketing

Efficiency is key when you’re running your own business. And being efficient means you need to be able to utilise every advantage of your workplace systems, even your email.

We’ve found some great Gmail hacks so you can get the most of your email and calendar.

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Email Hacks

Undo sent messages

We’ve all mistakenly sent emails before we were finished, and now there is a way to stop them before they reach the recipient.

Here’s how: click the gear icon on the right-hand side of your screen and then select “Settings”. Go to “Labs” and scroll down until you reach “Undo Send” then choose “Enable”.

Next time you send a message watch as the yellow bar appears at the top of your Gmail, it will now say “Your message has been sent,” and will offer you the option to “undo” or “view message.”  If you do choose to undo the message, your email will turn back into a draft. But be quick, the option to undo a sent message will only last a few seconds.

Search for an email that has an attachment faster

If you’re trying to find an email that had an attachment add, “has:attachment” to your search bar query. This will mean that only emails with attachments will be included in your search.

Enable canned responses

Find yourself sending the same email over and over again? Use canned responses.

This option can also be found by clicking on the “gear” icon. From there, select “Settings” and continue onto the “Labs” page. Scroll down the page and hit  “Canned Responses”. Next time you send an email, a small arrow will appear in the bottom right corner of the message box. Click it and a list will appear. Simply click on “Canned Responses” to set your own new responses.

Gmail has a blind spot

Ever accidentally included a full stop or a symbol without meaning to when typing out your gmail address? Don’t worry, it won’t affect anything, the emails will still come through because Gmail is “blind” to them.

However, you can use this feature to your advantage. When signing up for something, you can use your regular email address, however, add a symbol to differentiate it. For example,  instead, of you could use You could then set this as a filter and thus each email with this symbol will be filtered into a separate area.

Colour code everything!

The star function is not a new feature for many Gmail users. However, there is an option to help those of you who are a bit more obsessive about keeping everything in order. If you head to your “Setting” then click “Stars” you will be able to choose from a wider list of colourful stars and symbols.

Connect your to-do lists and emails

When you receive an email that requires action from you but you don’t want to do it straight away you can add it to “Tasks”. When you get an email, look up at the menu bar above your emails, select “More” then select “Add to Tasks”. This will make a Google Tasks to-do-list pop up at the bottom of your screen with the subject line of the email. To make things even easier, anything that is related to an email will automatically include a link back to that email.

Google Calendar Hacks

Find a meeting that suits your whole company

If your entire company uses Gmail Calendar, you can set up a meeting time with your colleagues. Create a new event and click “Find a Time”. Then add the email addresses of those colleagues you wish to join you and you will be able to see their personal calendars.

Create a group calendar

Create a new calendar and invite your coworkers. This will enable you to keep track of your business events and meetings.

This is also a great tool to monitor deadlines and project progress as everyone has access to it.

You can edit the way you are notified about events

If you’re scared you’ll miss a meeting, Google Calendar has you covered. By using the notification tools, you can “Edit Notifications” on your calendar and select how you want to be alerted. You can choose a pop-up notification, an email or even both!

You can also set notifications to notify you weeks, minutes, days or hours before an event.

Daily agenda email

You can set up a daily agenda email which sends your calendar for the day to your email account each morning.

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