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The Power of Spelling Mistakes

The Power of Spelling Mistakes
September 1, 2015 Ronin Marketing

Did you know a single spelling mistake could cost your company half its potential sales?

Entrepreneur Charles Duncombe says that misspellings are high on the list of things that cause consumers to question your credibility.

In today’s internet-based culture, correct spelling, punctuation and grammar are more important than ever if you’re hoping to achieve online business success. Clean content plays a vital role in every aspect of your marketing, from website content and blog and news articles to Facebook posts and Twitter updates. Why not invest in correct spelling and grammar from the start and get ahead of your competitors?

The English language is tricky, and it’s incredibly easy to misspell words, especially if it isn’t your native language. Businesses that rely on cheap copywriters to produce content for their website will get what they pay for, namely subpar copy littered with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Both are instant turn-offs for potential customers who, up until the moment they started reading, were considering buying something.

With so much competition in the online market place, you only have a very small window of time to convince someone to buy your product, follow your page, like your post or engage. Web or social media content needs to be free of spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors if you’re to have a good chance of connecting with customers.

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Even though a spelling mistake or a misplaced comma might seem like a little thing, too many of them and you’re crossing the border from being trusted, to your product and brand being questionable. It says to people ‘why should I buy your product or believe in your company if you’re not professional enough to make sure your content is spelled correctly?’

It’s true that many people love to nitpick and will coax a spelling mistake out of thin air if they possibly can, but correct English isn’t too much to give a customer who’s decided to devote their precious time to browsing your site, Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Here are some simple tips to ensure your content is up to scratch:

  • Don’t rely on a spellcheck program; they have a limited dictionary.
  • Don’t use slang or textese, it’ll make you appear illiterate rather than cool and hip.
  • Always re-read what you’ve written or get someone else to give it the once-over.
  • Get your copy professionally proofread and edited to be on the safe side.
  • Give your content the care and attention it deserves. After all, it’s representing you.