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How to boost your business’ blog through Pinterest

How to boost your business’ blog through Pinterest
August 3, 2017 Clare

Let’s face it; when most people think of Pinterest, they think of bored housewives frantically pinning recipes and searching for one hundred ways to re-organise their kitchen.

Aside from the fact that this is a horrific stereotype, it also downplays the immense marketing power of the platform.

Don’t underestimate a woman’s interests

It’s true that Pinterest’s main demographic is female. Omnicore released a report in January this year revealing that 80% of Pinterest users are female, with a median age of 40. According to Hootsuite, the most popular categories of 2017 are food, home decor and clothing. ‘So what?’ you’re thinking. So if your business falls into one of these categories, and your target audience chiefly consists of women, you could be gaining some serious website traffic through Pinterest. It’s a powerful way to put your product or services in front of an audience who may have otherwise never seen it or thought about it before.

The explosion of the ‘how to’ blog post

You may be thinking that Pinterest is predominantly a visuals-based platform. Over the years this has expanded to include tips, tricks and tutorials. These are presented visually, but images including text, and infographics, have also become the norm for pins. If your business’s blog specialises in ‘how to’ posts, this is great news for you. For example, a beauty company that publishes blog posts such as ‘9 homemade face wash recipes’ can advertise this post via a Pinterest click-through. Now, not only can you pin and share the products that your business stocks, but you can also gain website traffic by directing people to your blog by producing pinnable feature images for blog articles.

Reach a wider audience.

The beauty of Pinterest is that it not only generates traffic to your website, but it also promotes organic growth through the sharing culture that’s cultivated through this platform. If others are interested in your topic and find your pinnable graphics captivating, they’ll repin it. The ultimate goal is to be repinned on group boards to find an even wider audience. You can become a member of group boards and pin your own images to them as well, to increase your exposure.

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Not so great at creating high-quality graphics?

Pinterest is all about captivating, kitschy images that make the audience want to either re-pin, or ultimately, click through to your website. However, creating high quality, pinnable graphics to promote your blog articles can be a time-consuming task if graphic design isn’t your forte. And having your pin designed well is absolutely paramount to its success. It requires a keen eye for detail and style, and an understanding of Pinterest as a platform. If you’re looking for a graphic designer with marketing knowledge, Ronin Marketing can help you out! We can create pinnable images for your Pinterest account that will generate traffic towards your website. We can even write your blog articles for you! Our team of marketing creatives work together to combine their collective knowledge and produce the best results for your business. Contact us today to discuss our services.