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Personality Types you Need in a Successful Team

Personality Types you Need in a Successful Team
January 10, 2020 Ronin Marketing

When it comes to hiring a team, the decisions you make are paramount to the success of your business.

Often, we know when a person isn’t exactly what we’re looking for but try to rationalise that we should hire them because they worked for X company or have Y qualification, but at the end of the day, experience and qualifications are irrelevant if you think a candidate isn’t going to be a good fit for your team. When it comes to running a successful business, there’s truly nothing more unstoppable than a group of people who work together like a well-oiled machine. Below are 5 personality types that you’re going to want to make sure you have on your team:

The Ideas Person

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All too often we get caught up in the details or everyday tasks on our to-do list without actually thinking of the bigger picture. This is why it’s important to have an ‘Ideas Person’ on the team- and what’s more, why it’s important to listen to them and take their suggestions on board. Think about it, a team of mountain climbers aren’t ever going to make it to the top of Everest without a member of the team first having the vision to imagine that it will be possible in the first place. The ‘Ideas Person’ is often creative in nature and is crucial when it comes to keeping the team inspired.

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The Doer

Often working off of the back of the ‘Ideas Person’, this kind of person is vital when it comes to actually putting ideas into action. Often we can come up with genuinely great ideas but they fall by the wayside because we don’t actually know where or how to start. This is when ‘The Doer’ has their opportunity to shine. This personality type is all about implementation and follow-through and it’s often this member of the team who has the ability to begin transforming a vision into a reality. For example, if that group of mountain climbers have an ‘Ideas Person’ but not a ‘Doer’ then chances are they’ll only ever talk about climbing Everest rather than actually doing it. The ‘Doer’ will encourage everyone to start taking the necessary steps like weight training and cardio, training on mountains with lower altitudes and improving their technical skills.

The Planner

digital marketing | personality types | a successful team | cultivating the optimal team for your business | ronin marketing

Again, complementing the work of ‘The Doer’, the planner is a thorough thinker who will consider the logistics of any ideas, projects or tasks. Rather than jumping straight into any and every idea, ‘The Planner’ will likely first take a minute to sit back and think things through. This is a very important role for any team because as ‘The Planner’ delves into the finer details, they will preempt any potential obstacles which will stand in the way of progress. This ability to plan with foresight will, at times, be a lifesaver for you and your business. Going back to the group of mountain climbers, the ‘Planner’ will be the person who considers the more realistic factors like health, timeline, weather conditions and cost.

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The All-Rounder

While it may sound like a bit of a contradiction, every team needs someone whose speciality is being versatile. Whilst other team members think strategically and creatively, the ‘All-Rounder’ will think in terms of operations and at times will be the most valuable member of your team, completing tasks for each person as required. This is often the person who gets stuff done and is capable of adapting to new situations, challenges and circumstances, a bit like a chameleon. The team of mountaineers would never climb Everest without a multi-purpose Swiss Army Knife and in the same way, your team won’t be complete without an ‘All-Rounder’.

The Team Driver

digital marketing | personality types | a successful team | cultivating the optimal team for your business | ronin marketing

This kind of personality is extremely valuable when it comes to keeping the team motivated, especially during times when you are struggling with a particular client, campaign or project. The ‘Team Driver’ is a goal orientated person who is ultra-focused. While the rest of the team are mostly focusing on the process, the ‘Team Driver’ is looking towards the finish line and is often good at reminding the team of the bigger picture. The ‘Team Driver’ will be most helpful to the team of mountaineers whilst they are actually on Everest. The group will likely face times during the climb where they start to lose hope or feel as though they are facing an impossible task, and it is during these pivotal times that the ‘Team Driver’ will become the most valuable member of the group.

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