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What Should You Pay for SEO Services?

What Should You Pay for SEO Services?
May 21, 2013 Ronin Marketing

Knowing what you are getting for your SEO spend can be a bit like untangling a pile of paper clips.

How much should you spend? What will actually be done for the money? What results should you expect and when? Are all questions with often not so simple answers. This particular post on Search Engine Watch sums up many of these issues for business owners looking to engage a SEO or online marketing company.

Jayson DeMers identifies the primary payment models, what you should expect from each form of engagement and how much these services (from a reputable company) should cost.

He notes that an important first step for anyone considering help with website optimisation is thinking about whether your business circumstances is best suit a:

  • Monthly retainer
  • Contract services with a fixed price
  • Project-based services or
  • Hourly consulting
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A major benefit of Ronin Marketing is that our flexible agency model allows us to provide each of these services when needed. From project based websites, branding and advertising, competitor analysis and creative strategy briefs through to our ongoing online services or combinations of all four, we tailor a service delivery solution for your business.

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