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Full cover brand redesign for Workplan by Ronin Marketing


Branding, Logo & Collateral

Website Design

Digital Marketing


Workplan provides modern collaborative learning technology solutions for businesses. They created their Learning Management System (LMS), MyWorkPlan to provide & maximise engagement, learning and productivity in the modern workplace. 


Our client came to Ronin with a clean slate. They needed to build their new brand – from scratch. A key challenge for Ronin was to establish WorkPlan’s digital presence in an increasingly competitive market.

Full cover brand redesign for Workplan by Ronin Marketing
Book designed by Ronin Marketing for Workplan
Mockup powerpoint templates created by Ronin Marketing’s design team with Workplan’s new brand look.

Ronin was tasked with:

Crafting a new brand image that aligned with WorkPlan’s values and objectives.

Designing an entirely new style guide and logo.

Designing and building a beautiful, search engine optimised website.


What We Did

We needed to transform the business into a brand. Building a brand takes thorough research and attention to detail. We took the time to understand and unpack who WorkPlan was, what their values were and how we could effectively communicate them. 

We gained a thorough grasp of their vision for what they wanted their brand to be. 


Industry Research

We then combed through industry trends. What were the common styles? What worked well? What didn’t? Why? How could Ronin communicate that WorkPlan were the best LMS in the industry? 

The Creative 

Next, we reflected on our findings and got creative. We developed a fresh new style guide and logo that perfectly encapsulated our client’s values and vision.



Once we had developed WorkPlan’s beautiful styleguide, our web design team built the website. The website was designed with a clean layout that ensured a flawless user experience. It seamlessly communicated the value WorkPlan’s LMS would bring to modern businesses. 


Ongoing Marketing

WorkPlan were thrilled with the results. After seeing the lasting value Ronin brought to their brand, WorkPlan was keen to invest further in their marketing. 

We’ve continued working with WorkPlan, rolling out regular social media marketing plans. Our social media efforts have fostered an engaged, networked brand community. To further cement WorkPlan’s presence in the LMS industry, Ronin continually conducts research to monitor to WorkPlan’s market position.