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Samford Pet Resort


Samford Pet Resort

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 Responsive Web Design

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Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO

Ronin’s professional, holistic marketing services lead Samford Pet Resort to new heights with responsive website design and specialised digital marketing planning. The client wanted to separate themselves from other pet boarding kennels – Ronin’s professional team of digital marketing experts made that happen.

When approaching the client’s new look and strategy we recognised we needed to combat the sense of anxiety that pet owners experienced when deciding to leave their fur-babies in someone else’s hands. We needed to establish a feeling of calm and confidence in our web design and content marketing to put those concerns to ease.



One of Samford Pet Resort’s advantages over competitors was the animals had access to the beautiful outdoors. We situated the site as more of a pet holiday booking service, offering a sense of excitement to the pet owners at the idea of sending their pet away to paradise while they’re on holiday too.

To communicate the sense of ‘paradise’, every photo we utilised in our website design was hand-picked and paired with emotive copy to not only get the ‘aww’ factor but also to show pets having the time of their lives in the lush paradise.

As we didn’t have the opportunity to shoot our own professional photos of the location and venue before going live, it was important that our website design used stock photography that gave the right impression, so on almost every page of the site you’d be met with a large photo of beautiful canines and felines in wide open, green spaces.