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Resolution Technology Digital Style Guide


Resolution Technology

Branding Update | Style Guide & Collateral

 Graphic Design, Style Guide & Branding

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 Digital Advertising & SEO

Resolution Technology has built a reputation as the most experienced and capable team in their industry. With new products and solutions knocking at the door, they wanted new communications to reach a broader audience. But first, we needed to update their branding and style guide.

We took a deep dive into Resolution Technology to learn how they’ve become so successful. It became immediately apparent that their customers enjoy huge benefits from the approachable way they use technology to achieve strategic business goals. They’re a people-focused business, with a passion for solutions that help people work smarter.


A Brand Redesign

When Resolution Technology came to us, their visual language didn’t reflect their reputation as industry leaders. We bridged this gap by revitalising their brand strategy and creating a digital style guide.
Our overall approach focused on keeping Resolution Technology’s brand simple but high impact. We tweaked the existing design elements such as colour and typography to modernise Resolution Technology’s overall look. In addition to transforming the visuals, we created value propositions and key statements which gave Resolution Technology clear brand positioning.


The new style was quickly adopted and used in various event and promotional campaigns.
We created collateral for the launch of Telstra Calling for Office 365 in Resolution Technology’s updated branding. This included designing flyers, event collateral, EDMs, Google Display Ads and website pages.