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When RE/MAX needed website design done right, it was a no-brainer to ask Ronin. Our digital marketing experts made sure to utilise web design for real estate so the hardware was right for the job.

RE/MAX Profile Real Estate came to Ronin Marketing after a bad experience with their last website, which, quite simply did not work. A real estate website is a complex undertaking with lots of moving parts, but they knew Ronin would get the job done.




Not only did RE/MAX need a website that worked, they needed the right kind of website to appeal to the right audience. The purpose of their website wasn’t to replace or Domain for people searching for their new home, it was to show off their expertise in selling and managing to potential sellers or investors.

To appeal to their target audience we created attractive profiles, with strong copy, for each of the agents. This built confidence and connection with the website visitors.

We also focused the layout and content for the rest of the website around what investors and sellers are looking for, to make it clear that they had come to the right place. Our copywriters wrote all new content for the pages “Why choose us to manage your property?” and “Why choose us to sell your property?” in order to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise to their potential clients.