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JC Promos & Apparel

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Social Media Marketing

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 Digital Advertising & SEO

Ronin has provided JC Promotions & Apparel with a digital marketing strategy that has been rolled out to social media and their website’s content marketing to great effect.

JC, an Indigenous Australian owned company offering a wide range of promotional merchandise and apparel items, came to Ronin looking to develop brand awareness. They knew their value: their diverse range of high-quality apparel, fair prices, and their commitment to giving back to Indigenous people and communities. The challenge was communicating the JC Promotions difference to an already saturated market.

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Ronin was tasked with

  • Establishing JC Promotions & Apparel as the ‘one-stop-shop’ for all merchandise and apparel needs.
  • Rebuilding their website for optimal SEO.

JC Promotions & Apparel needed to boost brand awareness and develop consumer trust in their brand. With a majority of their customers buying in bulk, fostering trust in their products is particularly imperative.

Ongoing Digital Marketing

JC Promotions & Apparel have been thrilled with the results of our digital marketing efforts. Considering the impressive results Ronin achieved in only 3 months, JC Promotions & Apparel have continued investing in their digital marketing with the help of Ronin, including Google Search Ads. We are excited to witness the continued growth of this impressive business into the future.

Social Media

Investing in strategic social media marketing is a game changer in building trust and brand awareness. We created engaging social media content that appealed to the JC Promotions & Apparel target market. Through snappy captions, strategic hashtag use and striking graphic design, we’ve managed to double JC Promotions & Apparel’s followers.  We’ve created a growing brand community – fostering trust and lasting customer loyalty in the JC Promotions & Apparel brand.

Facebook Ads

Ronin’s digital marketing services for JC Promotions & Apparel also extended to Facebook advertising. Our graphic designers crafted captivating visuals that demanded attention from JC Promotions & Apparel’s target market.

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Digital Content Marketing By Ronin Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

JC Promotions & Apparel had a website, but the SEO was lacking. They knew having a website that was virtually invisible on Google search was hurting their business.

Ronin understood investment in SEO would play an influential role in JC Promotions & Apparel’s digital marketing efforts. We released blogs and product descriptions across their website. In doing this, we merged engaging copywriting with strategic keyword integration. And our efforts paid off.

JC Promotions & Apparel have experienced a 50% increase in the top 10 search terms related to their industry since commencing with Ronin. Plus, they have experienced an 80% increase in keyword breadth. Now, JC Promotions have started to rank for an additional 108 keywords through our engaging blog content and product category descriptions.

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