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Global Rotomoulding Advertising Case Study

Global Rotomoulding

Advertising Case Study

Ronin’s relationship with Global Rotomoulding was established in 2015 and since then, they have seen incredible growth through online advertising and creative content marketing.

From January 2019 to January 2020 alone

Global Rotomoulding’s website saw some pretty impressive growth. The number of users increased by 345%, from 13,000 to 61,500 and the majority of those were new users.

This is a result of Ronin tapping into new audiences and markets that were previously omitted from Global Rotomoulding’s marketing strategy.

During this time we deployed several paid Google display and Google search campaigns. These paid campaigns were the second most contributing source of acquisition of visitors. The amount of people visiting a website doesn’t mean too much, though, if they are not staying and experiencing the website. Again in the last calendar year, Global Rotomoulding experienced a 170% increase in pageviews. Alongside this, new inquiries increased by a whopping 338%, with conversions increasing by 203%.

Global Rotomoulding undertook

a name change and rebrand while with Ronin; a big feat for any business!

During this time, Ronin explored ways to connect and engage with their target audiences to keep the momentum alive for the ongoing strategic marketing goals. The seamless transition ensured there was no loss in growth or change in trajectory for Global Rotomoulding and during the process, they continued to see positive results.

Strategic content has also been an integral part of Global Rotomoulding success so far. One blog, in particular, has been a stand-alone acquisition channel for organic search audiences. Check it out here. The purpose of this kind of content is to build trust and rapport with audiences and target markets, which is exactly what continues to happen with Global Rotomoulding.