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Ella Sabe Social Media Marketing

Social media ads on smartphones to advertise NYE event for Ella Sabe Brisbane.

Ella Sabe

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Ella Sabe knew they weren’t just another Valley bar. This new business needed to establish itself as the most exclusive, one-of-a-kind bar in Brisbane. That’s where Ronin came into the picture. 

Standing out from the crowd is hard enough, especially in Brisbane’s saturated nightlife market. We examined key social media marketing trends and conducted rigorous research to uncover what Ella Sabe’s target market was after.  

Poster advertisements designed by Ronin Marketing on display for Ella Sabe’s Brisbane NYE event.
Social media ads on smartphones to advertise NYE event for Ella Sabe Brisbane.
Example of ongoing social media content upload by Ronin Digital Marketing Agency in Brisbane for Ella Sabe Nightclub

We knew that to capture Ella Sabe’s audience, our creatives on social media had to stand out from the crowd. We knew we needed to get Brisbane’s nightlife scene excited for something new. 

We rolled out content across Instagram and Facebook. Our consistent posting, eye-catching Instagram grid, Facebook ads and our digital countdown to the Ella Sabe New Year’s Eve party drew strong engagement. We coupled digital marketing with traditional media, placing posters outside the venue and across Brisbane. 

The result? 

Our social media marketing efforts paid off, with Ella Sabe’s New Year’s Eve party achieving full capacity, and 2021 looking brighter still!   

Poster designs created by Ronin Marketing’s graphic designers to advertise Brisbane NYE event held by Ella Sabe.