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Elite Helicopters Website Case Study


Elite Helicopters

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Experiential design

Elite Helicopters needed a website which showed their expertise and logistical capabilities, while still radiating luxury, opulence and style.

Using our in-house video editing capabilities, we cut together footage which tells an enchanting story of the possibilities that Elite Helicopters provide. Combined with romantic photography and a minimal layout, the website exudes a sense of sophisticated luxury. We used large parallax sections to create space and draw the eye towards the buttons, encouraging people to request a quote.

ronin-digital-marketing-responsive-luxury-helicopter-charter-full-macbook copy

Typography with a difference

A combination of tailored copywriting, considered typographic layouts and stunning photography.

With little clutter on the page, the words on the Elite Helicopters website become an artistic element themself. Our minimalist design removes all distractions so that the user can focus purely on the content. Large headlines bring immediate focus to clever positioning statements, while helping to craft a much larger intriguing visual.

Through these design choices, the viewer is taken on a journey through the world as it can only be experienced from the sky.

ronin-sigital-marketing-responsive-luxury-helicopter-charter-header (1)