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Digital Marketing Strategy & Social Media Marketing for EE Windows

Digital Marketing for EE Windows Brisbane

EE Windows

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing & SEO

Social Media Marketing

When EE Windows came to Ronin for digital marketing services, they were eager to raise brand awareness of their high-quality products. They needed a marketing agency capable of creating digital marketing that would resonate with their broad-ranging target market. Ultimately, EE Windows needed an ongoing marketing strategy / rollout that would appeal to new and existing clients, raising their brand awareness and boosting their sales.

Digital Marketing for EE Windows Brisbane
Social Media Marketing for EE Windows Brisbane
Web Designers for EE Windows Brisbane

The Client

Energy Efficient Windows Australia (EE Windows) manufactures a complete range of high-quality solid timber windows and doors as well as steel-reinforced uPVC windows and doors. As suggested by their name, EE Windows keep energy efficiency as their core focus; they’re your trusty specialists for double glazed thermally efficient windows and doors.

Ronin Was Tasked With

  • Formulating a content strategy that would appeal to EE Windows’ distinct and diverse market segments.
  • Fostering a brand community through social media marketing.
  • Maximising EE Windows’ reach through targeted digital marketing ads.

What We Did

Appealing to EE Windows’ broad-ranging target market to drive sales drove Ronin’s digital marketing strategy for our client.


Ronin knew investing in organic search growth would play a crucial role in EE Windows’ continued success. We needed the EE Windows website to not just look good, but also be highly visible on Google.

We released engaging blogs and case studies across the EE Windows website, to appeal to their diverse target audience. But our copywriters aren’t just wordsmiths. Our team applied strategic keyword integration to all copy across the EE Windows website, driving web traffic (and ultimately foot traffic) for EE Windows.

Social Media Marketing

Ronin rolled out social media marketing across Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Through socials, we have managed to showcase EE Windows’ completed projects to audiences interested in seeking their services. By showcasing EE Windows’ projects Ronin boosted trust in the EE Windows brand from potential consumers.

Digital Advertising

To maintain relevance and maximise reach in a highly competitive market, Ronin rolled out snappy and engaging digital advertising across Facebook and Google Search Ads. We used these ads to amplify EE Windows’ competitive 10% price-beat guarantee. This quickly separated EE Windows from their competitors as the best choice for customers seeking both quality and value.

Ongoing Marketing

Over the years, EE Windows have been thrilled with the results Ronin have yielded. EE Windows are eager to continue their current marketing strategy but are also keen to continue expanding marketing efforts with Ronin across other mediums to promote their continued growth.