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Dental Depot Website Design


Dental Depot

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Dental Depot came to Ronin in need of a new approach to digital marketing and a responsive e-Commerce website. They had a large variety of dental supplies in different categories and needed a quick and easy way to see and navigate through to the right products.

So we designed a mega menu to act as a mini-catalogue for all of the products to act as a visual form of navigation, where customers are able to shop by brand or product category, giving them the option to shop how they want. This e-commerce design creates a user-friendly experience where the customer can easily find exactly what they are searching for.


Besides dental supplies, Dental Depot also provide support and servicing. We knew it was important to communicate this personal service through the site as a point of difference to their competition, so we used photos of the staff and integrated these services heavily into the text.

We successfully created a balance of the site looking professional and clean, whilst being inviting and friendly. Letting every customer know that they can count on Dental Depot for trustworthy and high-quality service.

Ronin continues to supply Dental Depot with ongoing digital marketing. We orchestrate and implement all the client’s email marketing, social media marketing alongside continual content marketing and website management.

Each month we complete a flexible list of blog posts, digital newsletters and social media schedules. We can design, organise and generate any copy or digital content that the client needs (press releases, brochures, print collateral, videos, graphics, etc).