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Dental Depot Carousel Ad Design

Dental Depot

Carousel Ad Design

Graphic Design


 Ad Optimisation

Our client needed an ad refresh after their last batch had gone stale and weren’t bringing in the same results as they expected. They wanted something that told a story, transitioned smoothly and showcased their partnership with leading dental equipment brand Curaprox. Ronin Marketing Brisbane wrote, designed and optimised the ad sets to attract new and returning customers.


Seamless Graphic Design

The Ronin team noted that a carousel format was the best template for an eCommerce objective. Carousel ads come in various designs; some create a smooth, scrolling image, while others prioritise unique tiles.

We wanted to have a rolling background with clear imagery that explained what each product did as simply as possible. Our designers perfectly blended these trends and utilised smart imagery and minimal copy to create an ad that told exactly what each item did.

Showing Professional Restraint

A problem many businesses suffer from when they take care of their social ads internally is showing too much. It takes a professional mind to know when enough is enough. This ad campaign utilised brief but effective copy and simple imagery. It wasn’t bogged down or overdesigned. We call this the Goldilocks Rule, and the Ronin team are pros at making sure everything is ‘just right’.