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Taking over from an earlier business, BodyViva came to Ronin in need of a new business name, branding, logo, a marketing strategy, digital marketing and a responsive website.

The overall feel of the website was guided by the key idea of “live life free”. The clinic offers a variety of services with a strong focus on how a holistic approach to health can enable every body to live a life free of pain and restriction. We reflected this through the use of vibrant colours and uplifting imagery whilst having a fresh, modern feel which provides a pleasant contrast to their competitors.

BodyViva Portfolio Mockups
BodyViva Portfolio Mockups3
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As BodyViva has a holistic approach to health, they offer a variety of services including Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Care and Acupuncture – just to name a few!
For the site we created a colour coded menu for BodyViva’s range of services, making it as easy as possible for their clients to navigate the site. This was an opportunity to inject more colour into the design of the site, adding to the vibrancy of the BodyViva brand.