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Body Viva


Body Viva

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 Graphic Design & Branding

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 Physiotherapy Digital Marketing

A new client came to Ronin Marketing seeking quality physiotherapy digital marketing to create a strong new brand. The clinic offers a variety of services with a strong focus on how a holistic approach to health can enable everybody to live a life free of pain and restriction. So, our marketing experts set out to create a brand that expressed the idea of “live life free”- resulting in BodyViva.



Firstly, we created various elements for the BodyViva brand to be used across digital and print formats. This included a logo, stationery and a website which were all guided by the key idea of “live life free”. We then reflected this through the use of vibrant colours and uplifting imagery whilst having a fresh, modern feel. The website’s appearance provided a pleasant contrast to its competitors. The result of our tactical physiotherapy digital marketing was the creation of a strong brand identity that encouraged BodyViva’s clients to pursue a life free of pain. Now, Ronin manages BodyViva’s ongoing marketing, producing content regularly and managing their social media marketing.

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