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Award Win For Inox

Award-Winning Product Design

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 Packaging Design

Ongoing Marketing

In 2022, INOX Lubricants received the Highly Commended Award for Innovation in Packaging at the 2022 Aerosol Industry Awards.

Ronin Marketing are very proud to have played an instrumental role in this award-winning achievement for INOX Lubricants, as well as the role we’ve played in their ongoing marketing for a number of years now.

Branding, Packaging & Collateral Design

Over the course of Ronin Marketing’s engagement with INOX, we’ve been responsible for the rebrand and reskin of all products, information booklets and other ad-hoc print collateral. Our team of skilled marketing managers, copywriters and graphic designers have worked to ensure that INOX’s new branding remained true to their existing industry presence, drawing on all of the elements that make INOX, INOX – such as the bright red logo. In drawing on our own expertise of modern marketing and branding styles, Ronin’s team created a symbiotic look and feel that we’ve rolled out across all aspects of INOX’s marketing.

Traditional Aesthetic & Colour Coding

INOX Lubricant’s has a strong, loyal customer base and for that reason, it was imperative to remain true to the traditional INOX aesthetic. Being INOX’s flagship products, the MX3 and LANOX products were well-known for their red/blue and dark blue/light blue colour schemes; so the challenge was to modernise while not breaking colour-continuity. It was also important to bring the other products into the fold with the remaining colours available. Lastly, Ronin Marketing developed a colour-coding scheme to label each product (such as a yellow dot for food-grade) that allowed customers to shop with confidence and ease.