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Apers Website Case Study


Apers Website

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Brand and Website Alignment

When APERS (Australian Personal Emergency Response Systems) was looking to design a logo for their new product and a website to advertise it, they wanted a team on their side who could work with them to make their ideas come to life.

Referred to Ronin through their parent company APERS was seeking a logo and website which would set them apart from competitors and provide peace of mind to their target market.

Specialist provider of medical alert pendants, APERS, desired a logo design with colours and font which correlated to the medical industry they were targeting. The company also wanted a simple to use, responsive website which also spoke to their target market.


Getting the Job Done

After extensive market research and with a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, the Ronin Graphics Team developed a unique logo and style guide for APERS.

The colours chosen to represent APERS included the caring and nurturing hues of blue paired with a red cross due to its strong symbolism in the medical industry. This simple, yet effective design was then carried through to the website development.


Simple and Effective Design

Once the APERS logo was finalised, the Ronin Website Development Team began creating a website tailored to their market.

The menu and layout of the website was carefully crafted to cater to the individual needs of each segment ensuring ease and accessibility. Then, like each Ronin built website, the final step in the process was to integrate tracking and analytics tools, ensuring marketing could be easily adjusted to suit results when needed. This combination of simplicity and monitoring paired with the emotive feelings of warmth, caring and understanding has highlighted APERS as a trusted leader in the market.