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Great News! When it comes to Digital Marketing, most businesses are doing a bunch of stuff wrong. 

They are frequently spending money on Google Ads in the wrong ways. They aren’t using their brand to create engagement. Their website doesn’t have the right functionalities. They choose inappropriate places to make a sales pitch. They don’t understand the way the internet collects audience data, so are left hopelessly behind in the dust.

Why’s this great news? Because these are often your competitors.

Let’s make sure you’re not making those same mistakes.

How’s this Marketing Masterclass Different?

You will be taught and mentored by a professional with experience across hundreds of businesses; with very aspect of the Masterclass geared to be directly applicable to YOUR business.


The very practical curriculum is designed to bring an all-new perspective to your marketing every week across 8 weeks; culminating in a bulletproof action plan for growth.

What are the classes?


Weekly 2hr Lectures + 2hr Workshops

6 Participant Cap for Workshops

Private 1-on-1 Consultation on Completion




Until End of May 2022

Pre-registrations for our next intake are now open, pending finalisation of dates and session times. Places at this price are limited.

Get Ahead of the Pack!

Ronin’s Marketing Masterclass will help you identify and execute the things you need to get right, and you will have the edge over your competitors.

We’ve marketed literally hundreds of businesses in the Australian market over more than 15 years, so we know what principles always work as well as where the technology is going.

You will learn a lot of the marketing industry’s secrets, and one step further; you will receive direct,  1-on-1 feedback on your business planning from a mentor with decades of experience.

What will I learn?

What “tried and true” marketing principles still apply in the digital age, and how to use them as we push further into the 2020s.

How to think about your business’ entire marketing approach in the right way so that you can create and execute a strategy that works.

How to audit what you’ve already got in place, identify your weak points and figure out exactly what needs to be done to eliminate them.

How to use all the major marketing channels – be it advertising, SEO, social media, websites, blogs, or eDM – in the right ways.

How to cross-connect your digital marketing in the right way into an infrastructure that will optimise your ability to draw customers to you, and maximise profits.

How to put together the right strategy and actions, how to implement it, and how to measure, analyse and improve on your results.

Got Questions?

What do classes cover? Who’s delivering classes?

What’s the Format?

Over the 8 week Semester, we deliver one 2 hour online Lecture per week, accompanied by the release of critical, business-shaping materials for you to work on your business’ marketing. A few days later, a 2 hour live Workshop is held to go through your work and offer professional help and feedback.

Workshop numbers are capped at 6 participants to ensure that everyone gets time for feedback & discussion, while also gaining perspective from your co-participants.

Following the Masterclass, we encourage you to submit your strategy to your Mentor for consultation, and a 2 hour followup to give you further direction & feedback.

Days and times of the weekly Lectures & Workshops are selected based on pre-registration polling, so be sure to sign up now to nominate your preference.

Want more information?

What do classes cover? Who’s delivering classes?

Weekly Modules

The weekly modules cover a lot of ground and fuse all the best principles of great marketing with how to best execute them in today’s competitive digital landscape.

WEEK 1: Marketing 101 – Branding & Positioning in your Competitive Environment

You’re not selling what you think you’re selling; so what should you really be offering your market? Why should people buy from you and not the next business? Week 1 lays out all the crucial fundamentals that you should be applying to the entire way that your business engages with the world.

WEEK 2: Target Markets, Audiences & Channels

How the difference between a market and an audience should shape your approach. What the different marketing channels are, how they should be used and integrated. Get started creating your marketing strategy.

WEEK 3: Inbound, Content Marketing and SEO

A solid content marketing strategy sets the foundation for most of your marketing actions. It makes ranking on Google that much easier and is the backbone of an effective social media approach and even your advertising.

WEEK 4: Social Media Marketing

Social is so much more than posting some pretty pics on Instagram. Learn how to choose the best social channels for your business, what sorts of posts to focus on and how to create engaging and informative social content

WEEK 5: Multi-Channel Digital Advertising

Too often business owners think about Google Ads for search – and then stop there. There are so many options, platforms and channels when it comes to online advertising. Learn about how to develop an integrated advertising approach that incorporates search, display, remarketing and social advertising

WEEK 6: Website Purpose & Execution

Your website needs to be your hub for the collection of digital audiences, marketing activities, and sales. 9 times out of 10, this isn’t happening. We explore the key features and functionality you need for your business for optimum web presence, conversion-driven user experience, effective lead generation, and maximum sales.

Week 7: Measure, Analyse, Strategise 

Marketing is all about getting the biggest benefit at the minimum cost. So knowing how to read your analytics gives you in-depth insight into exactly what is working and isn’t so you can refine your strategy on the go. We will show you just how to do this, where to find the metrics that are most useful to your business and how to understand what they are telling you.

WEEK 8: Shaping your Marketing Approach

What’s a practical way to plan that isn’t just words on a page? We connect all the dots with strategy and action planning that you are able to use to crystallise the way forward for your business.


A thorough analysis of your business’ market situation, a strategy, a 12 month action plan to implement, and a guide of how to implement it. Most importantly, you will also have a strong understanding of the nature of the modern marketing landscape, and the principles you and your employees need to employ to succeed moving forward.



This is the only Brisbane Masterclass run by a Marketing Professional who has consulted for hundreds of businesses of all sizes, in all sectors, turning over a total of billions of dollars.

Kurt Schubert is the Creative Director and owner of Ronin, a mainstay of Brisbane’s marketing scene for 15 years. He has both won and judged advertising & marketing awards, and taught marketing at a postgraduate level.

His approach to marketing small to medium businesses is a very practical one – how can you use all of the available approaches, methods and tools to put your best foot forward?