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Is your marketing manager doing a good job?

Is your marketing manager doing a good job?
October 19, 2018 James

The role description and job functions of a marketing manager vary a lot, so this might not be an exclusive list. But if you’re a business owner or work for a small-to-medium-sized business that employs a marketing manager, here a few quick questions to find out where their head is at…

Where are our sales/leads coming from? How many did we get last month?

Is your marketing manager doing a good job?

Your website is an unbelievable source of information regarding where your daily inquiries or sales come from. And even in the digital age, the tried and true paper spreadsheet next to the phone still has value (trust us, we have one). But if you’re not tracking your leads, how do you know which marketing to double down on and what is a waste of money?

Do more people find us by searching for answers, or by Googling our business name?

Want a whole marketing team at your disposal?

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Is your marketing manager doing a good job?

Google Search Console is a hugely valuable source. Any business that hasn’t invested in digital marketing has far fewer ways for customers to find them. Mostly, they know you through word of mouth, they know your locality, or they Google you. But by simply being online, answering the questions people have – the same ones you’d happily answer should they call you- you’re available 24/7 right when they need you most.

Which web pages gain us the most website visits?

This is a matter of both Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and website design. Sure, manufacturing engine blocks might be your most profitable product, but how many people know about it? If you’re not tracking this in analytics, how can you improve it?

What type of posts/articles are doing the best? How do you evaluate that?

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Is your marketing manager doing a good job?

This data is readily available with the most common analytics tools. There’s no point creating content no one cares about. It’s a waste of your marketing manager’s time and your money. This is a great question to ask to understand your marketing manager’s grasp of strategy and tactics.

Where are best opportunities for growth?

Opportunities are born from insights. And insights come from knowing what the data means. Looking between the lines to see that branded traffic was up at exactly the same time your display ads started. Or that more people click on your ads in the evening, but you get more conversion in the morning, so you should focus on that. Look for specifics, for data, and for clear rational explanations.

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