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Is Your Business Marketing On Facebook The Right Way?

Is Your Business Marketing On Facebook The Right Way?
March 28, 2018 Jess

It’s really no surprise that Facebook is the number one social platform used by businesses today.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean every business is using it as a successful marketing tool. While the platform might seem easy to master, when it comes to marketing to your audience, it can be more difficult than it looks.

So you have the business page, the perfect cover and display photos, and the call to action button. But how do you secure leads? Social media doesn’t have the limitations newspapers, magazines or broadcast marketing has. In fact social media has some incredible advantage, but you need to know how to play the game. In other words, you need to have some insight about Facebook algorithms.

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Long story short, Facebook’s algorithms decide what people see in their news feeds. They are designed to show users the most relevant content to them. This is determined by hundreds of factors, including how the user has interacted with the page, the type of content being shared by the page and the popularity of the business’ posts in the past. That means the more popular your post, the more it will show up in feeds. In a nutshell, that’s why you have to think about Facebook marketing differently.

Is your business struggling with Facebook marketing? We’ve put together some useful tips to get you started.

Strike a balance with your content

Facebook is essentially a social space, not a sales pitch arena. So it’s important to strike a balance with how much promotional content you post and how much ‘fun’ content you post. There’s no hard or fast rule about how much of each type you should use. In fact, the percentage can differ depending on your audience, target market and business. But it is essential to include both.

Give your company a human voice, use it as an interaction tool

Facebook allows you to talk to your customers; it makes your business part of their everyday lives. That means your business should share content based on what your customers want to read, watch and see. And don’t forget to interact! Take the time to comment back to customers – you’ll be surprised at how it all adds up.

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Utilise videos

While video sounds like a time-consuming hassle for your business, they do work. In fact, 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in their decision process. Videos are also extremely shareable which is fantastic for increasing the organic reach of your post.

Draw customers back to your website

It is one of the main aims of using Facebook as a marketing tool, but drawing your customers back to your website is often forgotten amongst the noise of social media. A Facebook page is useful for getting your business out there, but your website is what does the heavy lifting on things like Google. That means, drawing customers back to your website is key. So, throughout your Facebook interactions, give your audience a reason to visit your website, and most importantly give them an easy way to get there.

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