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Why Every Business Should Invest In The Best Website Design

Why Every Business Should Invest In The Best Website Design
January 17, 2018 Sarah

So you’ve hired a kick-ass marketing agency and are ready to reel in those leads with your new marketing strategy.

But is your business’ online ‘presence’ going to help you on your journey to business success, or hinder you?

Here are five reasons why having the best website design is imperative to successful digital marketing.

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1. Your website is your first impression – make it count

According to a new study by the Missouri University of Science and Technology, “it takes less than two-tenths of a second for an online visitor to form a first opinion of your brand once they’ve perused your company’s website”. The user experience – or UX – can be a huge turn on (or off!) for potential customers visiting your site. Impress them in this regard and they are more likely to click through and become a successful lead!

2. Having a website makes you accessible to your customers

Your business’s website gives your customers the opportunity to interact with your business up close and personal – and gives you a chance to build a relationship with them which can result in repeat buyers and long-term customers.

3. A great website includes SEO and Analytics capabilities

These enable you to target and track visitors to your site, consequently adding value to the other elements of your marketing strategy which you are presumably already paying for! Maximise on your marketing investment by increasing the worth of your online presence through a great website design.

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4. Your website helps consolidate your brand presence

Especially when a customer clicks through from an ad on Facebook or Google to your website, you want your brand presence to leave a lasting impression on them so they are more likely to turn into a lead. The internet is a highly saturated place, so making yourself identifiable is essential, and a great website can help you achieve just that.

5. Your work is fantastic – so show your customers!

The nature of window shopping has changed in today’s day and age – customer’s now rely on online reviews and a business’s website in order to make the decision whether to spend their hard earned moolah. Using your website as a platform to showcase the great work you do and your existing customers reviews is the best way to entice them to buy – your website is your online shopfront and it needs to convince your customers to take a step inside and be amazed.

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