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Instagram: The Secret to Having the Perfect Blend of Images

Instagram: The Secret to Having the Perfect Blend of Images
October 26, 2018 Erica

Want to know how to get your business’s Instagram looking #instaworthy? Or maybe you want to join the other 8+ million business profiles currently on the platform, but you aren’t sure where to start. Don’t get discouraged by the competition out there. With 80% of users following one or more business accounts, Instagram is an excellent opportunity to promote your business, build your relationship with customers and generate more leads.

Read on for some tips and tricks on creating an Instagram account that not only looks good but is going to promote your business in the best possible way.

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Your Own Content

We can’t stress enough how important having your own content is! This should be the #1 type of content that you’re posting on Instagram, as people want to see more of YOU. You want to make sure the images you have are high quality and visually appealing, as well as giving your audience valuable content that you have customised to them. This may take some practice and you might need some professional photography help, but having your own unique content plays the biggest part to standing out on Instagram and capturing the attention of your audience.

Create a Series

Creating an ongoing series is one way to make it easier to keep up with the Instagram hustle. A consistent series will not only give you one way to have regular content but is also a way for you to target different goals that you want to achieve. You can feature different products, before and after images (everyone loves a mind-blowing transformation) or even something that highlights your employees. We ran a series called #TeamTuesdays showcasing each team member and sharing little fun facts. It put our faces in front of the business and humanised our brand – you can check it our Instagram here. When you put your mind to it, the opportunities are endless!

Share News, Events and Information

Your content doesn’t have to be limited to photos you have snapped yourself. Get creative and make some graphics that can relate to other content you have to share. This could be positive customer reviews, event announcements or even just changes that are happening in your business that your customers should know about.

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Instagram: The Secret to Having the Perfect Blend of Images


Depending on what type of industry you’re in, reposting content can be a great way to give your audience interesting and genuine content, improve your relationship with existing customers and industry partners.

Partners in the Industry

If you have other businesses that you partner with – use that connection. Work out an agreement where you are reposting and promoting each other’s content to benefit both parties.


Are your customers tagging your business in their posts? User-generated content from your happy customers is a great marketing strategy. Not only does it show you appreciate your customers but is also a fantastic way to spread the good word about your business to new audiences.

Some tips for reposting:

  • Always ask the other user if you can repost their image. It’s not a hard and fast rule but we believe honesty is the best policy in this case. Plus, this will strengthen relationships with your existing customers!
  • Give credit where it is due and always tag the original user when you repost.
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Instagram: The Secret to Having the Perfect Blend of Images

Stock Imagery

Stock imagery should be used sparingly on your account. If you do use a stock image here and there make sure it is in line with your brand and style and is from reliable licensed sources such as Shutterstock, Envato or Unsplash. Most importantly, make sure the image relates to your business and you’re turning it into a valuable piece of content for your audience.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our post on our favourite Instagram accounts here at Ronin.

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