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What is inbound marketing?

What is Inbound Marketing?
February 9, 2012 Ronin Marketing

There’s also a lot of skepticism out there from those that haven’t seen the amazing benefits it can bring because it’s all so damn impenetrable (in the case of social media), and there are so many cowboys and snake oil salesmen out there (in the case of SEO).

Add to that the fact that the terrain changes literally week to week and there’s no wonder that people are confused. The reality is it’s just not very simple to market anymore. Online marketing is central to any strategy, and it’s more complex, messy and techy than many people outside the cast of Big Bang Theory can handle.

But the bottom line in regard to your marketing and business success is this:

We’ve shifted from a push to a pull era.

Good marketing is no longer about what message you can throw out there. It’s no longer about talking AT your audience: expecting that you can make a media buy, place an ad and get decent return on your investment. People don’t take it in anywhere near as much as they used to. They tune it out. If they want info they find it themselves. They talk to their friends. Get recommendations. They read their Facebook friends’ “Likes”.

These days, it’s about interacting. It means being aware of who your market is, what they want, and working out where they congregate; knowing what other things that they like. Then creating carefully positioned communications that draw them to you. This is not theoretical. It is the current reality.

Enough of my rant – here’s the great article: What is Inbound Marketing? by Tod Hirsch