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Improve productivity by outsourcing decisions

Improve productivity by outsourcing decisions
November 29, 2018 James

Can I be real with you right now? I really struggle with making decisions about things that personally affect me. Or rather, I struggle to see the situation objectively.

Should I say this? Should I post that? I find it very difficult.

Doubt gets in my mind. Fear holds me back. I guess you could call it ‘perfectionism paralysis’.

Improve productivity by outsourcing decisions | Tips From The Team | Ronin Marketing

I don’t however, have the same problem with client work. For example, I can fret over a blog post of my own (like this one) for ages. Yet I can confidently write an article for someone else which I am extremely proud.

The difference is I am less personally invested in something that doesn’t directly affect me. And that makes it easier. If you related to this in any way, say you’re a new business owner lacking confidence, an introvert, or are so engaged in your business, you’re too close to it to have perspective, this little tip is for you.

Outsource your decision to someone else

Want a whole marketing team at your disposal?

Free up your time
A sounding board for ideas
No more figuring out tech
We make you look good

The reality is that sometimes you need to take a step back and hand over the reigns of certain aspects of your business to the experts. They know what they are doing, are educated in their field and won’t be held back by perfection paralysis.

By outsourcing certain actions and decisions, more stuff gets done. Sure you need to choose the right people who you can trust; people that care about your business as you do. But not being as personally invested makes pushing the button that much easier.

Improve productivity by outsourcing decisions | Tips From The Team | Ronin Marketing
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Maybe you don’t have this problem. All I know is that if I had a business, I’d want a cracking marketing agency I could trust to shoulder the burden of some of these decisions.

Happy hunting,

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