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Importance of Copywriting - Creating Engaging and Shareable Content

Importance of Copywriting – Creating Engaging and Shareable Content
February 3, 2018 Clare

Kill your babies.
No, this isn’t the start of a Macabre horror novel. It’s something that all copywriters should have in their mind when they’re working.

Many people think that copywriting is simply what failed authors do. Like athletes that become PE teachers. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Copywriting involves a specific skill set, including one very important and undervalued ability; to make sacrifices (for the greater good). Before you start thinking that this sounds like a twisted superhero movie, I’ll explain.

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Putting the audience first.

Writers can find it easy to get lost in their work when they’re on a roll. It might be a line of thought that has taken off or a few interesting facts that are being elaborated on. But every time this happens a copywriter needs to stop, take a step back and think “will my target audience find this interesting? Will they want to share this with their friends?” A copywriter always puts the audience and their client above their own interests. What does this mean for the copywriter? They sometimes need to sacrifice their best ideas; their “babies” to generate content that their audience will engage with and which will benefit the client. A clever idea in copywriting isn’t really clever unless it resonates with the audience!

Stalking Google News.

So how do copywriters do it? How do they FIND topics to write about that will engage their audience? Simply put, it’s all about stalking skills. They need to know exactly where their audience congregates on the internet, what their interests are, and what the trending topics are in their community. And when they’ve found this information, they then need to look into it further to ensure that it’s relevant to the client’s objectives. How do they do this, you ask? With the help of a little search engine called Google News. But knowing WHAT to search is the key here. Being able to pinpoint common phrases, keywords and topics to explore on this platform is paramount. In this case, copywriters are like master sleuths; they know how to do their research and find the most relevant content to write about. They have their finger on the pulse of their audience and know how to deliver engaging content in a timely manner.

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What’s trending?

Copywriters also need to act as journalists with a good dash of author creativity. Their content needs to address up-to-date, newsworthy topics that the audience are buzzing about on social media. Copywriters need to talk to the audience in a voice that they can relate too. They should also be able to get into the head of both the audience and the client to ascertain what makes them tick. What will make them want to like, comment or even share on social media? A copywriter merges creativity, journalism and marketing into one profession to make this happen.

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