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How a Travel Website Design Differs From a Financial Website

How a Travel Website Design Differs From a Financial Website
May 5, 2018 Jess

When it comes to website design, it’s easy to get lost in what looks ‘cool’ and ‘ahead of the trend’.

But it’s important to remember that depending on your business, you may not need swirling graphics or moving text. In fact, depending on your target market, it may hinder your success!

The design of a website is incredibly important. Everything from the colour scheme to the words and pictures can impact your customers and potential business. It’s because of this that websites should be designed with marketing at the forefront. Take, for example, a luxury travel company and an accountancy firm – they have completely different target markets and should be marketed through their website design to those markets.

Before we delve into what differs between travel and financial website designs, we should mention there are a few critical things which every website should have.

Simple navigation

It’s a well-known fact that you have two-tenths of a second to make an impression on a user. Therefore, simple navigation is key to drawing the customer in and keeping them on your site.

Built for mobile

If your website isn’t designed with mobile capability, you’re missing out on more than half of the market.

Marketing built-in

To make the best of your website and digital marketing strategy, marketing should be built into your website. Your website is one of your most important marketing tools, that is why we design websites in-house.

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So how and why does a travel website differ from an accountancy website?

Different industries have different target markets, so it’s important to appeal to your customers with your website design. Careful consideration should be given to everything from colour, to pictures, navigation and words.


When it comes to website design, colour is paramount. In fact, research into the psychology of colour marketing suggests that when a customer is making a purchase decision, up to 90% of the assessment is based on colour. Each colour can trigger different emotions in the viewer.

That’s why when we designed Adagold, a luxury travel website, we used gold – a colour associated with wealth, prosperity, grandeur and glamour – and navy – a colour which represents the sky, freedom, trust and loyalty.

This is contrasted with the colour scheme used on Toohey Reid, an accountancy website. The use of yellow as the predominant colour was a careful and calculated decision. Yellow represents optimism, energy, clarity and happiness. All of which customers can associate with business financial security, after using Toohey Reid.


Words are also a pivotal component of a website design. Different words can promote particular feelings in the viewer and can put them in particular mindsets.

Take Adagold for example. Scattered throughout the text are words such as ‘aviation’, ‘specialists’, ‘expertise’ and ‘quality’. These words reiterate to the customer that Adagold is a leader in the industry and reassure that with Adagold they are choosing the best.

On the other hand, Toohey Reid website shows words and phrases such as ‘think differently’, ‘achieve more’, ‘creativity’ and ‘ease’. These words provoke feelings that are somewhat counter-intuitive to the feeling people normally experience when talking about finance, money and accounts. Together, these words can change the customer’s perception of what an accountant is and make them feel what they will after they use Toohey Reid’s services.

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Visual representations of feelings are paramount to good website design, but even these can be utilised in different situations to evoke different feelings.

For example, when you visit Adagold, you’ll see photos of luxury jets and travel destinations. These pictures highlight what can be achieved and how you’ll feel when you use Adagold.

And in contrast, on Toohey Reid, you’ll see everything from people sailing to happy business owners. These pictures were used to reiterate the positive outcomes made possible with Toohey Reid’s services.

Of course, there are many more minor details which separate these two designs and tailor them to their specific industries. But we hope this has helped you to start thinking about how you need to design your website to meet your target market.

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